Which iMac is right for me?

I currently have a 5 year old MacBook which I'm starting to have to get repaired every few months (just the common problems with the battery and cracks on the edge etc) which is fine because it's generally free to fix, but I now have an iPad mini and have found that I never need to take my laptop with me anywhere. My MacBook has also started to run out of memory and I don't really want to have to buy an expensive external hard rive - honestly I just don't like the clutter. So I'm looking to purchase an iMac but can't decide on what specs I need.

What I use my MacBook for/what is important:
- Uploading lots of high quality images to iPhoto (I have a good DSLR so the image sizes can be large) but I don't really edit them at all apart from cropping etc
- Space for a good-sized music library (around 100 CD's worth ish)
- Blogging
- Writing the occasional essay/letter etc, so using Pages/KeyNote/Numbers (mostly Pages)
- Generic social media/internet
- Email
- FaceTime
- Playing DVD's (hard copies, not from iTunes)
- My MacBook has started to struggle with speed due to the lack of space on it so something that can cope better with a high memory usage would be great

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    Hi Amy,

    I would recommend you go for the base model imac. This would have plenty of storage (1tb) and enough power to keep you going.

    If you need a disk drive you can buy USB drives quite cheaply these days.

    My mate has the baseline imac 21.5" and he runs loads of things, way more than what your looking to buy and his mac still runs without lag.

    Hope this helped.

    • Answered by William G
    • Apr 6, 2014