Which is better for college? Macbook Pro 13' or Macbook Air 13'?

I'll be entering college this upcoming fall and I'm majoring in Broadcast Journalism so I'll be doing a lot of school work and video editing with Final Cut. I know the Air doesn't have the CD port which is my only reason I was going to get the Pro but the Air is cheaper so that's always a better deal. As of now, I don't really care much about the price but rather which is more convenient for me. I don't know if I'll be using the port a lot or not but the majority of my use on the computer will be school work so a lot of typing, researching, etc. Also personally I'd watch a lot of movies, music, surf the web, etc, etc. When I buy the Air, will it come with the portable CD port of do I have to buy it seperately?

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    MacBook Pro. If you're wanting to use the higher end processor intensive applications like Final Cut, photoshop etc. (Also if you read the fine print, you'll need at least the 13 inch MacBook Pro for the new Final Cut) You probably want to have the processing power the Pro has to offer. Also bare in mind that once you get the Air is is NOT upgradable. At all. No more RAM, no hard drive upgrades. (Upgradeable for Pro (hard drive, RAM))

    Also you have to buy the Super Drive for the Air, or you can use another optical drive from another computer on the same network as the Air.
    (Google DVD or CD sharing: Using Remote Disc for more info)

    And the MacBook Pro will also offer higher graphic options as you, if you're able, to branch out to higher end models later on (15 inch)

    I do hope that helps! Happy shopping!

    • Answered by Darren R from Chireno
    • Apr 13, 2013