Which is better for me the Macbook Pro 13" 2.5GHz or the 2.9GHz?

I'm a future college student and didn't know if the extra 300 dollars were worth it. Im not a big gamer. I mostly use Itunes, write papers, and work on the internet. any feed back would help, thanks

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    I recently when through the same dilemma.

    I selected the 13" w/ 8 gb ram, 750GB hd, and 2.9 ghz processor for the additional $300.

    I did so because:

    I was going to add Ram anyway (8 gb = $60)

    Extra hard drive space is always good (extra 250 gb = $40)

    But the real deciding factor was the processor. After much research I found the performance of the i7 was much better than the i5 and the cost difference was roughly $175.

    $175 + $60 + $40 = $275. This was close enough for me to the Apple cost as I would not need to install any of the above and it would all be covered under Apple Care.

    Hope this helps


    • Answered by Curt H from Arvada
    • Jul 4, 2012