Which is better for me? 11" MacBook Air? Or 13" MacBook Pro?

I am in fine arts and illustration, so I use my laptop for editing photos and just plain pulling up photos to use as a reference. Because of this, I need the best picture possible. I am taking online courses, and I am also going to start college soon, which is going to up the demand for a reliable computer. I'm pretty happy with the computer I have now, it's just so heavy and demanding to carry around, plus the battery only lasts like an hour (it's been used A LOT). I really like the larger display on the Pro, but is it really worth the extra $50 to get it? We just got brand new iMac's in our Art room at school, and the display is beautiful. I'm looking for something that:
1.) has long battery life
2.) has good picture quality
3.) is light and portable (thickness of the computer. does the extra 2 inches on the Pro really make a difference)
4.) is college/ school worthy
5.) I'll get the most out of this computer.
So convince me. I'm kinda feeling the Pro, honestly, but I've heard the air is so light and easy to use that I'm kinda wondering whats what. I'm not really a techie so I have no idea what any of this means.

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    I currently have the mac book air 13" and I LOVE it. I would definitely get the air. I like the air because it has a simple design and I have not had one problem with it. The one and only reason I wouldn't get it in your case is because there is no cd drive for it ( you can't put in cd's). But quite honestly I haven't used a cd in the 2 years I've had it most things have switched to usb in the last couple years. But I would get it for you because it has about 6 hrs of battery life and super light but durable Ive dropped it multiple times and not one scratch on it. Hope you thought this was useful and hope you get the air.

    • Answered by Eugenia D from Darien
    • Jan 22, 2014