Which is better for Video Editing (iPad2, MBA, or MBP)?

I currently have a custom built six-core desktop and use Adobe Production CS5 for video editing. However, I'm tired of being tied to my desk in the basement to complete video edits and the its hard to make movie trailers and such in Premiere or After Effects. So I'm wondering what you would suggest that's portable, fairly light, doesn't break the bank, and gives me quality movies.

Most of my movies are home movies but, I do sometimes do weddings, and karate tornament video productions. I shoot in 1080p with a Sony Handycam HDR-SR12 and sometimes I get extra noise which I want to remove. So, I have to go to yet another application (Soundbooth).

So in the end what do you recommend that would wrap it all up in one package and allow me to edit in one neat place. Can these connect to my external 2GB HDD?


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  • It's just easy.
    Pro's are the only Mac's that specially configured to use Design, Editing, etc. applications.

    On every mac you can run almost every application which are made for MacOS.
    But even MacBook Pro's can make the real job done on average performance.

    Those projects you mentioned can be done on a MacBook Pro with no problems.
    But if you want to go on this road and you are going to need a Mac Pro in a while.


    • Answered by Bener G from Istanbul
    • Mar 25, 2013