Which Mac is best suitable for family?

My family have 4 members. We already have a 13" MB Aluminium (late 2008) and now it's about 3 years old. I'm now 14 years old (boy) and I use this MacBook the most. Now we're planning for the family's iMac. So, which is the best iMac selection for my family?

Here's how everyone use the computer.
Dad: Word processing, surf the web.
Mom: Surf the web, play some games, and also working with emails.
Me: I will buy my own iMac for my room, but for family's iMac, I will use it to surf the web or anything like entertainment software.
Sister: Playing games, mostly on Facebook. Surf the web.

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    my suggestion is to get a imac desktop. that is what i bought for my family. it runs good works for your job, if needed and works great for games for the little ones.

    • Answered by Jason S from Ada
    • Mar 13, 2014