Which mac is convenient for programming

I am a Software developer who has never used mac. However, I wanted to use mac for the next project (Mainly using Ruby on Rails and Java). Its a very small project.

What I need
1) Portability : Laptop is better than desktop for me
2) Not expensive: as long as two laptops offer the same speed for my project , I would take the cheapest one
3) Size. Prefer 17' if not 15'.

Based on my criteria what do you recommend me?


1 Answer from the Community

  • I use two solutions...The wonderful MacBook Pro with SD and an external 27" Mac which I use for extending my desktop...I can get 4 frames....Program, Fusion VM Ware, and Safari and my mail so its way better on the eyes! If you have Apple TV then you can connect your telly via AirPlay which is very handy. You can connect to displays via firewire as well.

    • Answered by Paul B from Vancouver
    • Sep 28, 2014