Which Mac is good for gaming and portability?

The only game I will play is Minecraft. I like to Facebook and go on YouTube. I'm either getting MacBook Air 13 inch 2.0Ghz 8Gb Ram and 512 Flash Storage or a MacBook Pro Retina 15 inch with 2.7Ghz 16Gb Ram and 512Gb Flash Storage...HELP!!

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    If Minecraft is all you play and you're just doing Facebook and YouTube, then definitely you should be going for the Air. You'd really be wasting money and your energy lugging around a heavier machine. Only go for the retina MBP if you want to spend $500+ more just for the screen.

    My opinion: Go with the Air (esp if you're a student and lugging around the laptop) and you don't even need 8gb if all you're doing is those 3 things + browsing and taking notes. But I guess it's not that expensive of an upgrade and it's good for future-proofing.. anyways, go for the Air! lol

    • Answered by Jung Hee J from Etobicoke
    • Sep 4, 2012