Which mac is suitable for me? [MBA 13" or MBP 13"]?

I am on my final sem of university. I've never owned a Mac before, but know the basic's of how to use it.
I do own an iPad 2 + iPhone.

I'm debating between the MBA 13'' with the i5+8gb RAM/ i7 + 8gb RAM or the MBP 13'' (2.9GHz)...

I am a Music student, i will be using programs like sibelius or finale for my compositions,recording music & editing and some basic Microsoft office. The things that I will use on my laptop for is minor editing photos, downloading music/apps, surfing the web (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) and minor gaming (just for entertainment).

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    The MBAir has become very enticing lately due to the fact that it can now be loaded up with exactly the features you considering loading it up with in your question. I'm literally going through the same quandary myself. I have settled on the MBP with Retina. I understand it more expensive but the Retina model satisfies both the power and light portability needs that most every customer wants. If this is not an option for you, still stick with the traditional MBP. I would, and would imagine many others would recommend that when your laptop is used intensively for purposes that require sophisticated softwares, stick with the PRO models.

    • Answered by Michael N from Miramar
    • Jul 11, 2013