Which mac would suit me?macbook pro, the air, or the retina?

Hello everyone,
I am going to go in 11th and would be requiring a laptop. After some research, I decided to buy a MacBook. But here is the problem, which MacBook should I buy?
I would be using my macbook for-
-web surfing
- essays and presentations
- light or basic photo and video editing. These videos would be at least 720p.
- really basic gaming.
These uses are my estimated uses and might change according to the time.
I want a light machine that doesn't add bulk to my bag, but also want a powerful machine too. For this power, the weight of the machine would be ignored. I want a really responsive machine, which looks really stunning.
I have decided to go with the 13 inch form factor as it is a lot more portable, and also reasonably cheap. So, should I buy a MacBook Pro or the air or MacBook Pro retina?
This is a really important decision for me as once I buy this machine, it would be with me for at least 5 years.
Also, would 4gb ram be ample for me or should I go for the 8gb?

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    Okay well 4GB of RAM won't do... the Mountain Lion program takes up about 1.5GB of RAM wired... So 8GB would be a must and since you are doing gaming and photo editing I would suggest the Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display because it is so much better... Although it does lack a CD/DVD drive the USB drive is only $79.99 ... The Retina Display model also does not have any moving parts so Fan noise is reduced drastically and also since it does have flash storage it is amazingly faster than the traditional HD.. It has a good amount of battery life around 7 hours on anything..

    • Answered by Jacob W from Pulaski
    • May 24, 2013