Which macbook is right for me as a freshmen?

Hello all!
I'm going to college in February and I need to replace my 1 year old acer core i3. I'll be taking Creative Industries so it has got a lot to do with video editing and photoshop. Should I buy the air with 4th Gen intel or 13" MBP with Retina using 3rd Gen intel? Thanks!

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  • I recently purchased the new MacBook Air 13in, and it runs FCPX very well, the retina MBP 13in wouldn't be too different except for the screen resolution, the 15in MBP however would be a lot better, if you were willing to pay a hefty price. I think the 13in MacBook Air is a great choice, especially if you upgrade the ram and/or processor , it also provides a good battery for bringing it to classes, and is more portable.

    • Answered by Connor B from Golden
    • Jun 29, 2013