Which macbook is right for me for web design.

Hi all! I am a Windows user and want to do a switch to apple. I do web design for living so i will be using a lot of Photoshop CC, Illustrator, Dreamweaver. Loads of tabs opened at the same time in chrome. Design softwares running at the same time. I will not be doing any video editing.

I am torn between two rMBP 15''. Should i get the highest model with dedicated graphic card or will the base model with upgrade to 16GB ram be enough for me?

Also not sure if 256GB SSD would be enough. I would like to use this laptop for next 3-5 years as a desktop replacement.

I have external monior, and was also wondering if 13'' would be an option. But im leaning more towards 15''.

Basically if anyone could give me an advice for a spec that would be best for me i would be really happy! Money-wise i can afford the highest 15'' rMBP, but i dont want to spend more, that is really necessary. I just want a machine that will be reliable for some years to come and will run perfectly smoothly.

A lot of questions :) im just really torn between all the options and its lot of money so want to invest it correctly :)

Many thanks for your time!

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