Which MacBook is right for me?

Hi all - thinking of buying my first MacBook. I am torn on which model to get. I will be using it for word processing, internet browsing, music storage, etc. No intense gaming or programs. I love the idea of getting one with an SSD drive because of the speed. However, I am unsure if 128gb or 256gb will suffice. Also - it sort of bums me out that the MacBook pros with the Retina Displays don't come with an internal CD drive. It makes me think, why not just buy the MacBook Air then? Also - is the Retina Display really worth the price? I feel like I would rather have more memory than a better display, but I haven't had the chance to compare the screens side by side in a store.

Bottom line - I want to make sure I have enough memory and because I am not as familiar with the SSD drives, I'm not sure how much that is. And I realize this memory is an expensive upgrade at the time of purchase, but I want so see if that's more important than the better display.

Like I said, I am switching to a Mac for the first time, and would appreciate any and all advice and information.

Thank you!

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    I recently switched to Mac after 9 years with a PC. Like you, I'm not doing any intense programs or gaming. Based on how Mac OS X runs, etc, I recommend you get a MacBook Pro with Retina display, 13 in, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD HD, with a 2.4 Ghz i5 processor. Definitely get the 8GB of RAM, it helps the OS work the most efficiently. It is fast, simple, and just plain beautiful. The MacBook Air is nice and light but the Retina display is amazing, particularly with word processing, etc. I'm doing graduate school online so I'm reading a lot of electronic media. The Retina display gives clear and bright text with no eye fatigue whatsoever.

    Final recommendation: look for one with those specs on the clearance and refurbished section. Great Macs with the same warranty at a less expensive price. The new ones are still decently priced too.
    Good luck!

    • Answered by Marshall M from Aberdeen
    • Mar 23, 2014
  • If you want to have a lot of storage and a CD drive get the Macbook Pro with the internal drive with 1tb hard drive,you could get with 8gb of ram and the 2.9ghz i7 processor and you can upgrade the hard drive sometime later (when the price of the ssd's come down)doing this will not void you warranty.256gb is not a lot of storage for music and the retina display is probably better for someone doing photography/film editing.I hope this helps and don't be intimidated by the Mac it is the best purchase I've made and I'll never go back to a pc.

    • Answered by Hector C from Ellenwood
    • Apr 1, 2014