Which Macbook Pro: 13" or 15"? - college and traveling

I'm really in doubt!
I'm a college student majoring in Graphic Design and Film - so I'll be using a lot of Final Cut, Photoshop, Illustrator etc. However, I travel a lot and I'm afraid the 15" will be kind of a pain to carry around on my trips.

Any suggestions???

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    I recommend the 13 Mac book pro retina. I purchased originally the 15 inch MacBook Pro retina and it was just to bulky. It's not the weight but it was the size that I didn't like after I got it home. I returned it for the 13 inch retina and absolutely love everything about it. It is an amazing machine and the display is incredible. It sounds like it would be the right choice in my opinion. I didn't think the 15 inch felt and seemed that bulky at the store but I am so glad I made the right decision and returned it for the 13 inch. Good luck. You will love your new Mac.

    • Answered by Rhonda S from Little Rock
    • Jul 16, 2013