Which Macbook Pro should I buy? 13 inch Macbook Pro (non- retina display) for $ $1,098.95 or 13 inch Macbook Pro (retina display) for $2,038.95 ?

I am considering buying a 13 inch Macbook Pro. I basically use laptops for the following things:

- Save Pics and videos
- Skype (Video calls)
- Office (Powerpoint, Word and Excel)
- Itunes
- Internet (Youtube, Facebook and etc.)

I might consider doing some picture and video editing at some point

Here are the details for each:

Macbook Pro (non- retina display):

2.5GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz
4GB 1600MHz memory
500GB 5400-rpm hard drive

Macbook Pro (retina display):
2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz
8GB 1600MHz memory
512GB PCIe-based flash storage

Should I spend the extra $940 and get the 13 inch Macbook Pro (retina display)?

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    I personally would get the 2.9Ghz i7 with 8Gb of 1600mhz ram and a SSD of my choice. It is a better deal for half the money. You wont notice the difference in the non retina display and honestly it will come 2 USB 3.0 slots, 1 Firewire, 1 Thunderbolt port, Super-drive and (super useful) SD card slot. This is not even a question which has better specks. The only difference between the two will be the dedicated graphics (HD4000 vs retina) and the non retina display version is also stronger. Trust me I just know for a fact. I am planning on keeping mine forever. I am a photographic/Music/Graphic design professional. I have no problem with mine. Also the retina version will not allow you to upgrade your ram. 'Ever'! with the non retina you will be able to upgrade the Ram yourself. So that is an honest answer to your question. If anyone says different then they just want to sell you the newest thing. Which is does not answer your question.

    I hope I caught you in time to help

    • Answered by Randall P from Highlands
    • Apr 3, 2015
  • I agree with one of the other posts unless you are a serious photographer non-retina is your best bet. The 512gb retina is painfully expensive. Save even more cash by buying refurbished. You cannot beat the safety net. 90 day tech support, full year warranty, and you can add Applecare at anytime during the one year window. Same guarantees as a brand new model! You can't beat it from a piece of mind standpoint!

    Unless you carry your laptop around with you daily the weight variance and the retina screen are just not worth it. Do spring for the i7 processor and at least 8gb of ram. Change out the hard drive to your speed taste and you have one heck of a value compared to an absolutely non configurable retina model. Long winded answer to your question, but no, do not spend the $940. You can buy TWO non-retina's for the same price!

    If it is not too late good luck. If you have already made a purchase please post what you decided.

    • Answered by Timothy B from Edmond
    • Jun 21, 2015
  • I just got my MacBook Pro for Xmas. I love it. The screen is excellent. If I were a photographer I would certainly get the Retina version. I would rather spend the extra for Apps, a mouse, an extra hard drive, the Time Machine device, etc.

    • Answered by Gary B from Nanoose Bay
    • Jan 23, 2015
  • Generally speaking I recommend the Retina display, but ironically not because of the better graphics.

    Yes, you are going to pay more upfront, however if, like me, you consider a MBP an investment you will get a better return.

    1. You are unlikely to use the optical drive, so why add the bulk and weight, which is not insignificant;
    2. The Retina models are optimized for the built-in SSD, which will make your computer lighter, faster, more efficient and studies have shown can significantly elongate the life of your hard drive;
    3. The logicboards are soldered, so while unfortunately they are not scalable, this also makes them more durable than a standard MBP;
    4. MBPr operates more efficiently, which equals better battery life;
    5. The legacy model with the optical drive is just that, a legacy model. Unlike the MBPr, which is truly a new model and will hold its value longer. My early 2013 15" MBPr is still worth more than half what I paid for it, while the same generation 15" MBP (the last one ever made) has virtually no value.

    In short, you are paying more up front, but even if, like me, you don't care about the better graphics (which are spectacular), there are still pleanty of reasons to go with with a MBPr.

    Finally, at the time I was shopping for my MBP I priced out both models and after considering the costs of a 512gb SSD and 16gb RAM upgrades to the regular 15" MBP would actually have cost me MORE than buying the MBPr, where these were included, as the cost of SSDs has gone down this may no longer be the case, but price it out before jumping at the lower-priced MBP.

    • Answered by Michael H from Brooklyn
    • Oct 6, 2015
  • I basically prefer the non Retina display MacBook Pro because it is enough for people who work normally in business and games movies

    • Answered by Vijaye R from Chennai
    • Sep 28, 2015
  • get the macbook pro retina model it is much lighter, thiner and quieter since they got rid of the internal hard drive and replaced it with flash (SSD). plus the new pro has the retina display.

    hope this helps!

    • Answered by Zai F from Kagoshima
    • Mar 10, 2015