Which Macbook would be best in college for me? ( help:( )

I'm starting college in august of this year but need to get a new computer now because I am taking a summer class and will need a laptop. I'm caught between the 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the 13" MacBook Air 256GB. I've played around with my older sisters Macbook pro for just simple web browsing but I really like it. The MacBook Air I've never got the chance to use but I've herd that it is a great choice for College kids. Here's whats I need in my laptop:

- Works Fast: Because I'm a college student I'm going to need something speedy while still allowing me to have 8 different tabs up on my internet page and still running Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well as iTunes, Definitely handle multitasking.
- Lots of storage space for old documents, say all my papers and pictures from the year before, just to be safe or help me out in up coming classes (But I might buy a external hard drive so I can keep old documents separate).
- I'm not going to be taking notes on it so I'm not entirely sure yet if I'll be carrying it around school.
- I do not edit nor make videos ever so video editing wont be a big deal unless it'll be part of some project which more than likely wont happen. I am going for my associates degree in general education then off to Dental Hygiene.
- I might do a little photo editing but mostly for if I get bored or am just playing with it, nothing serious.
- Long lasting battery!

Keep in mind I am going to be using mostly Word, PowerPoint, iTunes, and lots of web browsing such as movie streaming. I am going to be taking classes for you gen.ed.

Thank you so much to anyone whom can help :)

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    Given your needs and your college coursework, I am recommending the MacBook Air. It is lightweight and extremely portable. You'll hardly notice it in a backpack or on your lap. The 13'' would suit your needs especially with writing papers, electronic media reading, etc. If you're sold on using an external hard drive, the baseline model with 4GB RAM and 128GB storage will be more than enough for you. They have great deals in the refurbished section and education sections. Great deals for students! I hope this helps and good luck!

    • Answered by Marshall M from Aberdeen
    • May 18, 2014
  • It's hard to say exactly which Macbook is best for you because while the exact specs of one might fit you perfectly, the other may just feel better to you. I recommend that you go to an Apple store and test the two out. Try doing the things you normally do, pick it up a little to feel the weight, etc.

    The specs on the two MacBooks are really pretty similar. Both can handle several tabs open at the same time, while running iTunes, Word, and Powerpoint just fine. The processor and video card in the 13" MacBook Pro are both a little bit faster, and that would make everything load a work a little quicker, but not by a lot.

    As far as storage space, you would most likely be just fine with 128GB, especially if you're going to get an external drive, but if you really wanted to be sure you have enough space then go with 256GB.

    It's also worth noting that the Air weighs a little bit less than the Pro, so it's more comfortable to carry around and hold on your lap.

    Now one big difference between the two MacBooks is battery life! The MacBook Pro has an amazing 9 hour battery life, but the MacBook air tears that up with a 12 hour battery life!

    I think that the Macbook Air with 258 GB's of storage would be a perfect fit for you, but you should really go to the Apple store and test the two out for yourself.

    You'll love whichever one you choose!

    • Answered by Nathaniel B from San Diego
    • May 17, 2014
  • I bought my daughter a fully loaded MacBook Air 13 inch and the only problems were when the class required certain thing to be formatted in a certain way the mac did not format exactly like a pc so she had to go back to a PC for those classes -mostly the online classes or out of date computer classes it was great as she did not have to lug a giant heavy PC laptop plus her class books and materials every thing went into one shoulder bag and the battery life lasted the entire day of use. Most colleges are around 5 years behind on computers and programs so there may be some compatibility problems with library printers. But she loves the Mac Book Air.

    • Answered by Gary A from Fort Sumner
    • Jun 1, 2014
  • Just bought the Macbook Air meself after a lot of checking out, totally new to computers, it is a dream, I thought about the Pro but when I got down to what I wanted to do, the Air is better suited, and it's similar to what you want to use it for. I got an external 1TB hard drive for storage which you'd prob want as a student for all your dox to be safe, and an external DVD. The keyboard is great, easy to type real fast unlike my mates' laptops, the battery life brilliant. It's no heavier than the average handbag (if you're a bird!) and I think it's worth every penny! Everybody I asked, mates, shops, the Which people, PC world etc, all said they have it on their next Christmas birthday gift list! Hope that helps? I do all my business on it now, got all my historic photos stored, do loads of browsing, had no problems (so far!) Good luck.

    • Answered by Kim L
    • Apr 22, 2015