Which Macbook would be best in college for me? ( help:( )

I'm starting college in august of this year but need to get a new computer now because I am taking a summer class and will need a laptop. I'm caught between the 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the 13" MacBook Air 256GB. I've played around with my older sisters Macbook pro for just simple web browsing but I really like it. The MacBook Air I've never got the chance to use but I've herd that it is a great choice for College kids. Here's whats I need in my laptop:

- Works Fast: Because I'm a college student I'm going to need something speedy while still allowing me to have 8 different tabs up on my internet page and still running Microsoft Word and PowerPoint as well as iTunes, Definitely handle multitasking.
- Lots of storage space for old documents, say all my papers and pictures from the year before, just to be safe or help me out in up coming classes (But I might buy a external hard drive so I can keep old documents separate).
- I'm not going to be taking notes on it so I'm not entirely sure yet if I'll be carrying it around school.
- I do not edit nor make videos ever so video editing wont be a big deal unless it'll be part of some project which more than likely wont happen. I am going for my associates degree in general education then off to Dental Hygiene.
- I might do a little photo editing but mostly for if I get bored or am just playing with it, nothing serious.
- Long lasting battery!

Keep in mind I am going to be using mostly Word, PowerPoint, iTunes, and lots of web browsing such as movie streaming. I am going to be taking classes for you gen.ed.

Thank you so much to anyone whom can help :)

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