Which one is better MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

I am currently deciding on which laptop to get, and I know there has been over a million questions on this but i am quite confused. Both of them are nearly at the same price, but there are some differences. ,So for those of you who have experienced with a 17" MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro, either retina or not, please let me know which one is better. I was looking for one that is good for travelling, fast, good camera quality, good screen quality, and all the other good stuff. Thank you.
This question is as of February 25. 2014 so base it on the time.

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    Personally I think the macbook pro is better. Me and my three daughter's all have macbook pro's and think it is better for photo's and is way faster than the air. The air is lighter than the pro but if you purchase the macbook pro retina it is much more lighter than the normal pro.

    • Answered by Despina V from South Coogee
    • Feb 22, 2015