Why is only the 13 inch MacBook Pro offered with a 2.8GHz processor?

While looking at MacBook Pros online, I noticed that only the 13' has the 2.8 GHz processor, and cannot come up with a satisfactory for why this would be. It seems it would be an option on all sizes, or only the larger ones.

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    The processors on both 13" MacBook Pro are a dual-core. The 2.8GHz processor is on a dual-core i7. Notice as the line moves up in size, the processors are all quad-core i7.

    If we do some basic math:
    2.8 x 2 = 5.6
    2.2 x 4 = 8.8

    ...it suggests that the quad-core at 2.2GHz (15") is going to out-perform the dual-core 2.8GHz (13"), which is what you'd expect as you move up in the product line.

    Why 2.8GHz? it looks like the 2.8GHz i7 processor was the latest release in Intel's processor lineup when the current MacBook Pro product line was developed. The choice was probably based on best performance vs. affordability within Apple's pricing guidelines for the 13".

    • Answered by Bret G from Topeka
    • Jun 5, 2012