will 13 inch MacBook Pro handle, moderate level of 3D modelling and rendering efficiently?

Hi, i am an Architect and was planing to buy a laptop which handles my architectural softwares efficiently. Mostly these softwares are related to 2d CAD, 3D modelling, rendering, etc. I was interested in Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro. Well, Apple's 15 inch model seems appropriate for my requirements but, it does not fit into my budget. I previously had a high end 'Dell' model, but realized that it was not reliable at all, eats up lot of battery and gets heated up easily. I am no hardcore user of 2d CAD, 3D modelling, rendering, etc (Auto Cad, sketch up, 3ds max, etc.) softwares, but i do use them at a moderate level. All i want is a reliable laptop, which does not break down in the middle of my work and handles my 3D modelling and rendering (at a moderate level) efficiently. will 13 inch MacBook Pro handle my demands?

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    Hello Titus,

    I would recommend a MacBook Pro with Retina Display for that. Those would go well for what you do. The 13" MacBook Pro might not suit your needs. In some cases, that computer might turn out to be slow and the frame rate could be quite low, therefore the Retina Display model would be more suitable. I would recommend at least 16GB of RAM and maybe the 2.8GHz Processor.

    It's my pleasure to answer you.

    • Answered by Frances T
    • Jan 29, 2014