will a 2.5 GHz processor be enough to do regular college kind of things? (writing papers, web streaming)

i will be using the laptop for typical college use. i do not game at all, so i don't need to worry about that. i also do not do any video editing or any photo editing. i am on the internet a lot and will be doing a lot of writing and making lots of presentations.

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    For your purpose, you will be best suited to a macbook air. Great portability, price and it'll do all you're "college type things" just as well without being to pricey.

    • Answered by Katherine R from Littleton
    • Jun 19, 2013
  • Yes, that of plenty of power for what your looking to do. And it will get you longer battery life as well. I've got a 1.86 GHz for work and it's been rock solid for almost 3 years now. I have no problems handling my day to day work.

    • Answered by James H from Fredericksburg
    • Jun 20, 2013