Would a 13" Macbook Pro be enough for Ableton music production?

I am thining of moving to MAC from PC. I currently have hi-spec PC tower and laptop but they seem to freeze a lot and crash all too often.

I want to replace both with something portable that I can carry to and from work where I use Dreamweaver and Photoshop.

At home I use Ableton Live and Pro Tools.

I fancy the 15" hi-spec MBP with the 16gb Ram.

However, would the top spec 13" suffice?

Also, will it be replaced soon by a quadcore 13" model?



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    Sorry that no-one has answered until now. I literally just stumbled across your question whilst lurking. Anyhow, I have a 13" Macbook Pro that I acquired in December of 2011. I was studying Music Technology at College that involved the usage of recording software, and I've continued down the same path at University with the same Macbook. I run Logic Pro 9 on it and at one time I used Ableton Live 8 as well. And I've never really encountered any serious problems.

    The only problem is if you're working on Logic with a project, you sometimes get system overloads because it's trying to process too much at once. But that's not as frequent if you close everything else down and run just Logic on it's own.

    In terms of size, I could have gotten the 15" but to be honest I didn't feel like spending the extra money and the 13" is the perfect size for me. It's not too heavy and bulky and I can take it to lectures with relative ease. There's often constant debates with PC's and Macs. But to be honest, my Macbook is the most reliable computer I've ever owned. Before that I had a HP Laptop with Windows Vista that delivered all kinds of problems.

    Mine is a 500 GB Hard Drive and I haven't even used most of it yet.

    Be careful with the new Macs though. One annoying new ailment is that they've decided to remove disc drives with future models, and you now have to buy it separately (which isn't really fair when you consider how much they cost already). So be prepared to shell out a lot.

    Hope you manage to find (or have found) what you're looking for.

    • Answered by Dudley L from Peterborough
    • Jun 27, 2013