Would MacBook Pro or iMac be better for a university student?

I am a university student. I'm thinking of buying either a MacBook Pro or an iMac since their prices are almost similar. (a MacBook Pro would be good and portable, but the iMac has a bigger display and hard drive memory.) I'm into graphics design and with school, i have to do a lot of paperwork. i barely bring my laptop to school due to security reasons and its too bulky for me; but i also travel a lot. Which mac would be better for me and worth the price?

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    Well, it depends. One thing you could do with the MacBook Pro is get a 17". This could help alot. Especially if you have difficulty reading with small letters. Also, whenever i go on vaca....i bring my laptop. This helps me because if I have to do a paper for school while i'm on an airplane, i just wait for the okay for electronics and start typing away on Microsoft Office for Mac. One bad part for an iMac is that you can't bring it with you and do a presantation! That is what I would reccomend. Enjoy!

    • Answered by Customer C from Cliffwood
    • May 4, 2011