Would MacBook Pro or MacBook Air be best for high school?

I'm a 9th grader right now. My parents decided to reward me for getting 2nd place in the National Middle School debate tournament. In high school, chances are I'm probably still going to be on the debate team, so i'm going to need a computer that can do word processing, relatively fast internet (for research), and chances are I'm probably going to have a million tabs open at once so i can get stuff from different sources. Weight shouldn't be too much of a problem. as long as it isn't too heavy (like 5.5 lb+). Battery life could be an issue, because there's no grantee that the room I'm debating in will have a outlet to plug into. So would the MacBook Pro, or the MacBook Air be more suitable?

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    If I was you, I would go for the MacBook Pro. It's got more battery life in it, more storage so you can do more stuff, it's really fast and it has good connectivity but if you are going to use an Ethernet port for the Internet, you'll need an adapter for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina Display but the normal generation of MacBook Pro has an Ethernet port. It also depends how much you want to spend. Good Luck.

    • Answered by Meilir O
    • Nov 18, 2012