Would you recommend a Mac Mini for my 1st MAC?

I use a PC for work, but I'm wanting to purchase my 1st MAC for personal use. I have an Ipad and planning on getting an Iphone, so mobility isn't a factor. I've been looking at the MBA, but thought the Mini might be a better option.

My thought is I could hook it up via HDMI to an Onkyo receiver that's connected to a SHARP HDTV and use a wireless monitor/mouse. That way I could stream videos from the internet, listen to ITunes, and surf the net while seeing/hearing everything on a big screen tv with surround sound. Is this possible and a good option for my 1st MAC?

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    It sounds as if you thought this through well. About all you're missing in your proposed setup is a keyboard (and possibly a separate Superdrive) But if your goal is to save some money, a Mac Mini is often the ideal solution, and it's cool that it takes up so little room, is so portable should you need to bring it into an Apple Store for help at the Genius Bar, etc. And since you haven't got a large investment into a built-in monitor (such as I have in my iMac), it will be a lot less painful if you feel like buying a newer version some day. I have a friend with a Mac Mini, and she loves it.

    • Answered by Larry S from Brookline
    • Sep 9, 2012