Which MacBook Pro should I get?

I love my 1.5 GHz PowerBook G4, however, it's days are nearing an end (I think) and so I think it's time to upgrade. I'm looking in to buying a new MacBook Pro. However, price wise, I'm not sure which one I should get. I'm looking at a 15-inch model, however, the 17-inch model has the same internal specifications with not much more money added on top. I'm looking in to a career as a film editor / computer animator but I'm sure what I should have to be required to have. The AMD Radeon 6750 has a lot more to it than the AMD Radeon 6490, however, I'm not sure I can afford the AMD Radeon 6750. My question is, will I be able to run all of the software I will be required to use in my career with the AMD Radeon 6490 (256 MB VRAM), or should I get the AMD Radeon 6750 (1 GB VRAM)? I know it's a big price "bump - up," however, it's also a big specification bump - up. I need to know which one is more "suitable" and compatible for the type of career I wish to pursue. Please help me out.

P.S. - I'm never switching back to PC.

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    I have both a MacBook Pro 13" 2.4 ghz core 2 duo April '10 model), and the new iMac 27" 2.7 ghz i5 (May '11 model). I originally bought my MBP for general surfing the net, some document work, and very light photo editing. The MBP was perfect for this. As I started to get more advanced in my overall computing skills, I started working with Adobe's Captivate to create some e-learning courses. I then ended up buying Adobe's Creative Suites to start using iDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc. After I started using these programs, I realized that I need more screen real-estate. That's when I bought my 27" iMac.I was truly amazed at the difference of power the iMac's i5 chip has over MPB core 2 duo. The new MPBs now have the i5 chip. My iMac also has a AMD Radeon 6770. With this chip it dramatically increases performance speed. To be quite honest, it makes my MBP look like it's sleeping. So since you already know what you are going to be using your mac for (film editing) go with the better video card. The extra price is well worth the speed you are going to gain.Although my MBP is still blazing fast, I find that the extra processing speed and better video card makes my life so much better during rendering of my projects.

    • Answered by Bradley P from Los Angeles
    • Jun 16, 2011
  • If you want a 15 inch go for the i7 2.2 Ghz and maybe try upgrading that to 2.3GHz(not a big difference) if you want. This is a good model because it's a big jump from AMD Radeon 6490 (256 MB VRAM) to the AMD Radeon 6750 (1 GB VRAM). The 6750 will be an excellent choice. Upgrading the Ram from 4GB to 8GB will be a good choice because its always cheaper to do it now rather than later because if you want to change it later it will cost $200 for 6GB and $400 for 8GB. Even though its a big price jump you will regret it after if do not get the upgrades. Its nice to have excellent features on a Macbook Pro.

    • Answered by Aruan S from Brampton
    • Jun 28, 2011
  • pro 17

    • Answered by Daisy N
    • Apr 8, 2011