Toddler loves apple remotes - apple remotes hate toddler

I have a toddler who has been teething for the last number of months and since discovering that our apple remote is the perfect size for her little hands/mouth, seems to love nothing better than gnawing away on it.

We have tried to hide it away but every now and again she gets her hands on it and while she loves the remote, the feeling is not reciprocated. As a result i am on remote number 3 and having taken it out of her mouth today i think i am about to be on remote number four

None of the remotes look damaged but she has obviously messed with the innards of the remote to the point where they are stuffed.

Q: My question is whether anyone has experienced anything like this and if they have found a cover etc which protects the remote from slobbering toddlers


Apple Remote

Apple Remote

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  • i suggest you keeping the remote in a handbag or something because I'm pretty sure they don't make covers for them. Sorry that i couldn't fully answer your question!