Toslink cable to RCA cable

Want to go from my apple tv to my dj tuner. In RCA jack audio. so I want fiber optical output to RCA jack input

Moshi Premium Digital TOSLINK Cable

Moshi Premium Digital TOSLINK Cable

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  • What kind of tuner or preamp are you going to? There are a number of cables that will do the trick. If you are going to a high end dj tuner my advice would be to invest in a mid-fi DAC like a cambridge DACMagic or better yet an ARCAM rDAC which I use. I go from my Apple TV to my DAC then to my Rotel preamp. The DAC reduces the jitter created in the digital clocking.
    If your tuner has the ability to use composite you might as well go that route. Of just pick up a cheap toslink to RCA, which will have Red,,White, and yellow for video, which you want for the apple TV.
    Just do a search = toslink to RCA cable and you will find what you need.