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If you turn the light switch on and off by an existing switch does it function like a normal light?

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  • Yes. The A19 and BR30 Hue bulbs will behave like normal incandescent bulbs when you power them off and on. Note that their default color and brightness are 2,710 Kelvin at full brightness. To get the full benefits of the 16 million colors, dimming capability, color loops, and remote control you should use one of the supported apps.

    If you use the "Hue Lights" app, you can easily adjust the color temperature from 6,535 K (Coldest White) to 2,000 K (Warmest White). The LED components in these bulbs are engineered to really match a wide range of white colors. Non-white colors are fun for accents or special moods, but the greens are not too saturated.