usb cable for 5th gen classic

My nano isn't big enough. My son gave me his old classic (5th gen - last 3 YMV). I used my nano cable to charge it and had no effect on battery level. Does the classic 5th gen use a unique cable? the cables I have work interchangably with my iphone, nano and ipad2. Plugged same cable into a USB port and it immediately brought up itunes and all my ipod classic specifics. Loaded several MBs of music using same cable onto classic. Thanks!

  • Asked by fn from Billings
Apple iPod shuffle USB Cable

Apple iPod shuffle USB Cable

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    i think you should update your dock connector. I am certain that Apple updates their USB Cables, ever since the switch from Firewire to usb 2.0

    5 gen classics should work with your cable. if it works with iPhone, nano, and ipad2, it should work.

    • Answered by Justin B from Boston
  • Oh does..I'm still searching for one....i still have the charger.....the cable end looks somewhat like a ieee 1394a high speed port end..if you find one please let me know where..jzzart

    • Answered by Arthuur S from Inkster