u-verse and airport extreme

My AT&T, U-Verse Residential Gateway seems to drop the signal to my Apple and laptop PC. Can I use the Airport extreme and bypass the "Residential Gateway", by plugging directly to the incoming internet line?
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QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    No, the AirPort Extreme can not support internet access without connecting directly to a modem or gateway device.

    If the gateway device is 802.11g wireless, the drop-out problem is likely due to the typical interference issues which plague 802.11g systems.

    "Seems to drop the signal" - needs to be verified. Connect a computer directly to the gateway device to find out if the internet signal is then maintained or dropped. If dropped, then inaccurate configuration with your ISP is causing the issue. If maintained, that indicates an interference issue with the wireless broadcasting.

    The wireless broadcasting of the gateway device can be switched off if desired. Contact U-Verse for this.

    Then setup AirPort Extreme as a bridge to the gateway device's network. Use Ethernet cable to connect to the gateway device's modem port so Extreme can provide the wireless signal for your network. Most likely the gateway device will continue to manage network addresses.

    If the gateway device happens to be 802.11n wireless, then the problem might best be resolved by power cycling - starting from where the first connection on the line is, then working from that point onwards.

  • To AH from Carmel.
    Thanks for the explicit answer/directions to help me solve my problem. I will contact AT&T with your comments.

    Hopefully all will be resolved.
    Thanks again

  • I typically have to reset the connection on the uverse modem. Sometimes this works, next is to reset the modem and reconfigure all your settings. I talked with a uverse install tech that actually knows what he's talking about, and he said that I shouldn't be having this problem. Told me to call and have my modem replaced.