We need to have around 250 bulbs. How all these bulbs/bridges will work together?

All these bulbs need to run at the same mode. Will all bridges transfer the same signal from one ipad identically to the bulbs "attached" to each bridge(x 50 each bulbs)?


Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

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    Ordinarily, only 50 bulbs maximum can be controlled on each bridge, and one instance of the Hue App (on a single iOS device, your iPad, say) can control only one bridge at a time.

    To switch to another bridge, you have to pick an option in the app and then physically press a sync button on the bridge.

    So to control 250 lights you would have to manually reset your iPad 5 times in a row to each bridge in turn, or get 5 separate iOS devices (maybe use the less expensive iPod Touches?) each one connected to one bridge.

    There is an active open source community that are developing other control options, but this requires user scripting and is not (yet) an officially supported feature of this product.