What are the chances my data will be deleted in error?

LoJack for Laptops Premium Mac

LoJack for Laptops Premium Mac

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    Zero chance really, as there are quite a few procedures in place to ensure you really want the data deleted. First, data delete can only be performed on a Mac that has been reported stolen. Second, in order to trigger a data delete, you have to log in to your lojack account online and correctly answer 3 challenge questions. Finally, when you request the data delete service to run, you are asked to confirm that you want to do this. All of these make it highly unlikely if not impossible that your data will be deleted in error.

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    your data not gonna be deleted because between both side you got also the server.so you storing same time to 2 places.
    how this works?
    you requesting files from your laptop caled x to laptop caled z the z start requesting packets and the x respond then if z take over z checking if all package r complete. Copy function use crc to compare all packadge is here.this files cashing in hidden folder on hdd then when the crc complete and there is no data lost then your z computer copy over to the specific folder.

    if you have data network cut out or lost then continue till is not done.