What do i need to hook up an electric guitar into the garageband app.?

I have an electric guitar i would like to hook up into the garageband program. Any suggestions on how to do this? I also have a keyboard that i would like to hook up also if anyone can give me any help at all. THANKS!!!

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    I know how to help you on the guitar part of the question, which is, use a guitar cable (1/4" mono) in the guitar as you normally would, then a 1/4" to 1/8" reducer (mini plug, should be mono too. RE; one band on adapter pin unlike stereo that has 2) to the input in the mac (iMac is next to the stereo out, lower right backside of screen).
    Open Garageband, select Preferences, Audio/Midi and click Real Instrument. Then (under Track) select New Track. On the lower right of screen, notice Input Source (Mono 1 or Stereo 1/2, I use Mono 1, but it might not matter), Monitor on, adjust volume accordingly. You'll have a blast with this once you learn your way around. Record, use software enhancements, double track (do rhythm track, then new track for lead & vocals. There's a software drum set and piano you can access by changing drivers (all built into the program) and add with more new tracks, then mix down & (under Share), send to iTunes and finally, burn a CD.
    On another note, you can (with a stereo input from a receiver or preamp) record records, tapes, etc., and send to iTunes as well.

  • See the Apogee GiO in the "music creation" section here for the guitar. Or you can use another digital/analog converter (DAC) device that has a 1/4" Hi-Z instrument port.

    If your keyboard is a MIDI controller, then it should have either a USB port (preferable) and/or MIDI ports (if no USB, use a MIDI-USB interface cable, available at any decent music store).

    If you keyboard is a digital piano, then you can connect any audio out port(s) to a DAC, such as the Apogee ONE or Duet (also sold here).

    Some digital pianos can double as MIDI controllers via USB (or MID-USB, if no native USB).