What does it monitor and can it record a history?

The description only specifically mentions CO2. It appears that it also measures indoor and outdoor temperature. Anything else? Humidity? Pressure?

And can one create a record of the data, say daily readings or highs and lows? How about creating a chart over many days or months?

Netatmo Urban Weather Station

Netatmo Urban Weather Station

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    The indoor monitor records temperature, pressure, humidity, CO2 and noise.
    The outdoor monitor records temperature and humidity.

    The data is uploaded every few minutes to a website where you can view charts, download data in CSV format and see daily highs/lows. There is also a (cheap) app for iPhone and Android which lets you access this data when away from a computer.

  • info from the App's help section:
    Thermometer (indoors, outdoors)
    Barometer (indoor unit only, doesn't matter, the indoor/outdoor pressure is the same anyway)
    Hygrometer (indoors, outdoors)
    CO2 sensor (indoors, outdoors)
    Sound meter (internal only)

    It also appears to utilise external info off the web indicating the overall air quality level for your location (in Europe, the Citeair/MACC Outdoor air quality index) that takes into account Particles,NO2,O3,CO,SO2 concentrations - but it does not look like it has those sensors built in.

  • It measures temp, humidity, air quality, barometric pressure, and weather. And it does record a history like a graph.