what does the bottom look like where the lightning connector is?

I have the small lightning to 30pin adapter, so wonder how big the connector areas are in the bottom of the case.

iPhone 5s Case

iPhone 5s Case

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    Click on the iPhone tab at the top of the page, then right below that tab click on iPhone 5s. Again at the top of page next to 'How to buy' click on 'Design' and scroll to the bottom of the webpage. You will see an image of the bottom of the case.

  • I have the Apple Lightning to 30 Pin adapter and bought the new case yesterday. It does not fit the adapter securely. Disappointed that they overlooked this in the design of the case. Otherwise, i love the feel and look of the new case.

  • This case will NOT WORK WITH THE IPHONE 5 LIGHTING ADAPTER. If you buy this case thinking you can use it to recharge your phone using the 30 pin cable with the lighting adapter it will not work!

  • It covers the bottom and has holes for the cables, plus tiny ones for the speakers and mic as well.
    (surely big enough holes for adapters and different accessories).

    at the bottom the "design" page in "iPhone-5s"'s section there's a pick of it.
    and if u wish to see how the volume buttons will look like - take a look of the bottom of the main page of iPhone-5s.

  • You can check the last image on the page talking about the iPhone 5s. It features the image of the bottom and some of the inside of the case.

    Apologies, for not including a link.

  • Or just enter this URL and scroll to bottom: www.apple.com /iphone-5s/design/

  • It has the cutout for the Lightning connector, the headphone jack and speaker/mic all individually. Not a complete open bottom like the cheaper cases.

  • You can see an image of the bottom end of the case on the main iPhone 5s page on this site.

  • check iphone 5s home page at bottom, there is a white iphone 5s with blue case, it shows the bottom of the case.

  • It looks small....very small...cos it is !!! Too small for many lightning plugs to fit into and the case is tight on the phone so getting it in an out to use lightning accessories which aren't blessed with a tiny plug will be a challenge !

  • There's a picture of it at the bottom of the page describing the iPhone 5S's design. Add this to the end of the Apple web address /iphone-5s/design/

  • The lightening connector is quite small and is located at the bottom of the phone below the home button. The 3.5mm mic/earphone is also at the bottom.