What does this program offer that Iphoto does not have?

I Photo is a very very basic photo program. I have used a full version of Photoshop in the past. When I read the description of Photoshop Elements 11 I don't see any difference between it and I Photo. Am I missing something? Can Photoshop Elements 11 do more to the photos than I Photo?

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    Photoshop and Photoshop Elements share most of their functions. In many cases, Photoshop Elements has fewer options and controls or a more simplified approach to a task. But its edition capabilities are much greater than iPhoto.

  • iPhoto, is a very "basic program"- yes it is.

    But if you compare them:

    iPhoto, has only some functions.

    These are the mains: quick fixes, effects and adjusts. This App is only for quick changes.

    Photoshop elements, has their own one by one tools you use specifically. If you want to make collages or merge effects. Or adjust a picture specifically at a higher colour tone.

    Photoshop is also, very manual, compare to iPhoto.


    To make a Photoshop album with four pictures , you would have to find a lot art work, and you would have set them up piece by piece.

    In iPhoto, the templates for making a album are already there, but you have limited choices. At least you do not have to do all the work. If you are making a Book, album or a calendar etc. the iPhoto will help you publish this as well, by telling you how much it will cost, and the rest of the order procedure.

    I highly prefer, that you look into the App called Aperture. it is a Apple developed App, which is a big brother of iPhoto, just slightly advanced.