What is a good security/cable lock to use with the MacBook Air? Need something reliable, but quick/easy to put on/off to facilitate/encourage use.

  • Asked about:  Kensington MicroSaver Lock

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    There is also Maclocks security cable lock which is quite awesome since it comes with a cool clear case with ventilation slots that elevates it and make sure it won't get warmer, I use it with my MBA at school and when I study in Starbucks.

    Just google Maclocks and get in to their website.

  • Previous answer is not correct - the MBA does not had the required slot for the Kensington lock to fit into

  • Snake Laptop Locks are designed for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Made in Chicago.

    Snake Laptop Lock -- Key Features:

    - Quick and easy to use
    - Ideal for offices and dorm rooms
    - Compatible with Speck laptop covers/cases
    - Does not block any ports (e.g. USB, Display, etc.)
    - Strong and secure: no plastics, screws, adhesives or hooks