What is Cable Modem that is to be used with Airport Express?

I want to know about cable modem used with Airport Express,is it really neccessary?
Where should I connect the other end of the modem?(the first one will go to the ethernet port of the Airport Express)
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AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

AirPort Express Base Station with 802.11n

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    No, a modem of any kind is not necessary for the AirPort Express Base Station to be used, unless you want internet access as part of your network.

    The Express will create a wireless network so that up to ten of your wireless devices can communicate with one another. You can also connect the Express to an existing Ethernet network (without needing a modem) so that you can have an instant wireless network connecting to all devices on the Ethernet network.

    In addition, while traveling many also use the Express at locations where they can get the Express to join an existing Ethernet network so that they can handily use a wireless computer or other devices without being tightly tethered to a wall receptacle which is not conveniently located.

    If at your location you have a modem or cable modem that is connected to your internet service provider, connect the modem's Ethernet cable to the Express's Ethernet port.

    A cable modem is provided by an internet service provider that uses coaxial cable to bring its service to the interior of your location. A cable modem is not used if your internet service provider does not install its service with coaxial cable, but instead uses telephone cable. In either case, they usually provide you with the correct modem as part of their service.

  • If you wish to use the Airport Express to share an internet connection in your building, a cable modem is required to "translate" the internet signals from your cable internet provider to a format your Airport Express can understand. The cable modem should be provided by your internet provider, and you would connect the other end to a cable outlet (the same ones you hook a TV up to). If you already have another router installed or you do not wish to share an internet connection it is not required.