What is the difference between Qc3 & Qc 15 headphones ??

I am looking @ the Qc3 & the Qc15 Bose headphones but I don't know which one is the better can you please help me, the Qc 15 seem to have have a better write up but the Qc 3 are more expensive .

Bose® QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones (with Remote and Mic)

Bose® QuietComfort® 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Headphones (with Remote and Mic)

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    Right. The QC 15 are around the ear and the QC 3 are on top of you ear (over ear). Bose, themselves, say that the QC 15 is the best headphones they make, period!

    The only reason why the QC 3 is more expensive is because it has a rechargeable battery that needs to be charged up from time to time. Where as the QC 15 need one AAA battery. A really poor AAA battery will last you 36 hours, so I would be worried.

    For me, the QC 15 is definitely the one I would go for. The QC 15 feel special wearing them and superior hearing from them. The QC3 feel ordinary while wearing them and because it doesn't have the size of QC 15, it doesn't have as good sound quality.

    Both headphones are exceptional but if you are looking for the most sound cancelation, then the QC15 is the best because most the voice is reduced by just blocking your ear from the environment, and then the sound cancelation is just jaw dropping when you turn them on. However, the QC3 doesn't cover you ear so the noise cancelation is still good, but not exceptional.

    I bought some QC15's in the end after thinking whether I should get the QC3 or QC15. I tested them both at a Bose sip and I was convinced within 2 minutes.

    But remember, both are exceptional headphones. Try them out before buying as it is a very expensive product, but worth every penny!

  • The QC3 model is the smaller set of cans. If you want headphones that fit around your ear, go for the larger QC15s. If you don't mind the kind of headphones that fit on your ear, go for the smaller QC3s.

  • You must try them before you decide which is best suited for you. For some crazy reason I just couldn't handle the "over the ear" experience, and that made the QC3 a far better option for me. Finally, I have read at least one review in which the sound quality of the QC3's were found to be superior. I can say as a proud QC3 owner, that I love mine.