what is the purpose of the button labelled in and out oN beats pill

  • Asked about:  Beats Pill 2.0 Speaker

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    They are not buttons, they are standard 3.5mm audio jacks. The "in" jack is used to connect a cable to the headphone or auxiliary out jack of a sound source that does not have bluetooth or NFC ("Near Field Communication") output capability. The "out" jack on the Pill would be used to connect the Pill to some other sound system. For example, if there was a larger sound system in the room that you wanted to wirelessly connect to the music on your iPhone 5s, but the larger sound system didn't support bluetooth or Apple AirPlay, you could pair your iPhone to the Pill via bluetooth, then use a cable to connect the Pill via its "out" jack to an input jack on the larger sound system. (There are less expensive ways to add bluetooth connectivity to systems, but if you have the Pill on hand anyway - it is a portable device after all - then this is one way to accomplish it.) Have a nice day!

  • To plug in the cables to your IPhone, Mac, etc., so you can hear music, but you can also listen through BlueTooth.