what is the recommended range through walls and line of site??

the latest generation airport extreme

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    It will work strongly at 250 meters with a clear line of sight. Results surely will vary from this if/when there are physical/broadcast sources of interference within the line of sight (or if too close to the Extreme).

  • Line of sight in open air will be 60+ meters easily. Through windows may be reduced if their is tinting foil applied to the glass. Through trees and bushes will be reduced 'cos they're full of water.
    Through walls will vary depending on the wall construction. As a guide timber framed plasterboard clad walls allow pretty good throughput, approx 30 metres easily. Brick or concrete walls will reduce this a fair bit down to 15-20 meters, more so if there is steel reinforcement in the wall. Through floors is much the same deal.
    We have a single storey wooden home that is 25 x 20 meters, we have a single Airport Extreme and we get 4 bars on all our iPod touches, iPhones and iPads. Non apple gear also gets excellent signal strength. Also get good coverage around the house outside.