what item do I need to transfer picture from ipad to a computer?

I plan to get ipad 4 and wanted to know what I would need to be able to transfer pictures from the ipad to my computer?

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    Just use the USB cable that came with your iPad for charging it and plug it in to your computer from your iPad. This is will sync the two devices.

  • I have photo sync, I think it's the best app ever, u can transfer from your ipad or iphone to your computer or from your computer to your iphone or ipad, and you can also transfer using bluetooth or wifi to transfer to another ipad or iPhone.

  • Use Dropbox app on your iPad to transfer photos from iPad to Mac or Pc.

  • I have a iPad mini and a HP laptop. All I need to do is plug the USB from my mini to the laptop. Open two computer files look for the USB drive for the mini and the c drive. Then just drag the mini's USB drive into the c drive's new folder and it's done simple.

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  • You don't need a special app or anything. Just plug it in with the USB cable that comes in the box.

  • On a recent Mac (with Lion/10.7 or above), iPhoto will auto-share with the Photostream feature of iPhoto.

    Not sure on Windows, but there are a lot of file-sharing apps and services that can help (Dropbox, Downloader, Filer)