What protection will it give the phone if dropped

iPhone X Leather Folio

iPhone X Leather Folio

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    I have the iPhone 6S version of this case and it has been great. I've dropped it a few times, including once onto cobbles in Belgium (which took a dent out of the corner of the leather but left the phone untouched) and once out of a Toyota truck onto the road in the US (couple of scratches that buffed out on the case and no phone damage.) It has a tiny lip around the front that stops the screen hitting the floor, so the time I drunkely sent it skidding face down across a concrete floor it again emerged unscathed.
    Don't know if I'm just lucky but 2 years on my phone still looks mint, and will have great resale value, so I've ordered one of these to go with my iPhone X.

  • The protective barrier resides in the full leather protection on all sides. This should absorb most of the impact and protect the screen as well.

  • I’ve actually dropped it a few times & zero damage done. The cover closes to lock phone which is best use w/face recognition open it unlock close it lock. It’s pretty cool. & I do not find it a problem what so ever taking photos the way it bends it never covers my lenses unless I force it to maybe it’s just how mine broke in ? But I don’t have an issue perfect case for functionality and protection for iPhone X