What speakers actually sound better & have more bass? The Zeppelin Air or MM-1?

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 Speakers

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    Before I start I will qualify myself by saying I own both the Zeppelin Air and the MM-1.

    The terms 'better' and 'more bass' are very ambiguous. I would say that more bass is not always better :)

    My MM-1 are the main speakers for my computer. I run them through USB to take advantage of the highest possible sound quality, and the source files are loss-less from iTunes. I do not run any sound modification as I am very happy with the pre-sets. I use them on a daily basis, and sit at a distance of about 3-4 feet from my screen. At this distance the MM-1 offers the best sound I have ever heard, surpassing my old Logitech 5500's by a long shot. The bass is deep and rich, and the music all sounds amazing.

    At a distance they do lose some of the magic, but for anything where I will be at such distance or in another room I choose the Zeppelin Air. The Zeppelin Air can also project to a great length and fill a room much better than the MM-1 which can get drowned out in a room of people. Being that it is AirPlay compatible I simply stream music strait from my iPhone. Again on the Zeppelin Air the bass is deep and rich, and the music sounds amazing.

    So in short, the MM-1 are best for stationary use when you are close, and the Zeppelin Air is best for distance or projection use.

  • I have both and they are very different in purpose.

    MM-1 are extremely precise for near field listening. Bass is very accurate, full and clear. After a year of daily I've never wanted more bass. Excellent stage imaging.
    It's unbelievable how much sound they managed to pack into that small package.

    Zeppelin is designed to fill out your room with sound, which they do very well. Bass is there, full and deep.

  • I own the MM1 and 2 Zepplin Airs. The 2 Zeppelins Air have tons of bass, the MM1 has a clean and punchy bass and sound really good. Actually all my Zeppelins sound great.

  • I've never heard a Zeppelin Air before but I believe it pretty much consists of a pair of MM-1s as well as a larger driver for lower end. So yes, it should have superior bass to the MM-1s.