whats the difference between beats and beats solo?

I'm talking about the beats headphones by dr. dre and the beats solo headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones from Monster

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones from Monster

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    Beats by Dr. Dre Solos are "on ear" and are noise reducing. They do cancel out some of the noise because they fit so flush on your ear. The Beat's Solos are 200 and they say that the headphones snap easily; they also only come with one cord.

    Beats by Dr. Dre Studios are "over ear" and are noise canceling with two AAA batteries. They will cancel out most, if not all of the outside noise. Beat's Studios are 300 and are a little more durable. They come with two separate cords. One purely for music and one for music and talking on your iPhone.

    Both of them sound AMAZING!

  • the solo don't have noise cancellation like the studio. also they have a mat finish and are not glossy with a piano finish like these. another difference is that the studio are about twice the size and come with a soft case instead of a hard shelled one like these

  • The "Beats" by Dre Studio are a noise-canceling over the ear headphone, were the "Beats" by Dre Solo are a on the ear stand alone headphone. The noise canceling on these headphone are O.K. but nothing spectacular compared to others. With that said I found that this sounded much better then the solos. Music on the solos came in very muddy. I was overall impressed with these ("Beats" by Dre studio) but still don't know if I would fork over the $300 for them. They also come with a hard case, airplane adapter, 2 AAA batteries, and stereo jack and 2 cords one having a mic and press to answer button. The solos only come with 1 control talk cord with mic and remote and a soft case.

  • Another difference is that the Studio model is are around ear Headphones, meaning they completely envelop your ears, while the Solo model is an on-ear Headphone, which hence the name sits on your ear, not around it.