What's the difference between pro and studio?

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones from Monster

Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones from Monster

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    the answer to this question is solely based on what you are using to listen to you music. not the headphones, but what device are you actually using? in a hardware perspective, the beats studios are made of a plastic material where as the pros are made of aluminum. further more, the beats studios have their ear cups fold at a certain point in the headphones into the band of the headphones whereas the pro's ear cups swivel into the head band. also, the studios are active noise cancellation, where as the pros are passive, meaning the studios take batteries while the pros dont (remember that that active noise cancellation is stronger than passive in this case). the pros also include the feature called daisy chaining where you can literally plug in another pair of headphones in the pros and have to people listen to something from the same source (like a splitter built into the headphones) while the studios lack this feature, the studios also have a mute button the on headphones themselves on the beats logo, this feature did not carry over to the pros. in terms of specs, if you are a dj with a high output music player (THIS MEAN NOT AN IPOD OR IPHONE) than the pros will provide a more clear sound in all areas, while the studios are still very high performance headphones, they are not as good as the pros. all in all, if you are going to use an ipod or your phone other than a zune than the sound quality is the same on these two headphones, at that point its just a matter of build quality (pros are a better build than the studios as the pros are NOT MADE OF PLASTIC), style (the studios honestly look better than the pros) and portability (the pros weigh ALOT, can cause neck strains... while the studios are very light. sorry this got so long.. just wanted to help!

  • Actually the Stuio vers sound a lot better.
    The PRO's are made for DJ's who like a flatter sound (for better mixing)
    SO if you want to DJ get the PRO's.. if you just want to get a good sound, the Studio's are better for that as they have a nicer bass. Try them out at any Best Buy. You'll hear the difference.