What's the length of this cable?

Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

Product No Longer Available

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    about 3 feet long...just enough to ALMOST reach your ear when plugged into a power strip on the floor and trying to talk in bed. BOO!!! Had the same problem with the Droid I bought...

    Let's start getting some 6 foot cords IN the box folks!!!

  • It's 41" inches from tip to tip. Same as the original length as in the iPhone box.

  • Verified to be 3.5 feet long, same as previous iPhone cables.

  • It runs around 41.5” long from end to end.

  • 40 inches or 1.016 meters.

  • The cable length is exactly 1 metre. This is the actual cable excluding the plugs at each end.

  • Just under 3.5 feet.