Which Products have an IR port?

Apple Remote

Apple Remote

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    Check Preferences, Security, General. IF you have an option to turn on and off a remote then you have an IR port and the remote should work

  • I could not sinc the apple remote with my MacBook Air, so I called the Apple 800# and the apple expert said that the MacBook Air DID NOT have an IR receiver!


    Since 2012, the new iMacs DON'T have IR port.

    And it seams that the only way to control the new iMacs is
    with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and an appropriate App.
    (much more expensive than the Apple Remote) !

  • The new MacBook released on the 20th does NOT have an IR port.

  • This has not been mentioned in any of the answers.

    The Mac Pro does NOT have an infrared port. This remote will NOT work with the Mac Pro unless you buy an external IR receiver.

    It seems that all of the people who have submitted answers here have forgotten that Apple still makes a professional desktop tower.

  • The Mac Mini - 2006 and later models also have IR ports located on the right side of the DVD slot.

  • In Lion OS X (10.9.x) go to:

    System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Advanced ...

    If there is an Pair/Unpair button and a check box for disabling the remote, then your Mac has an IR port.

  • Apple TV

  • All macs after 2005, except the current gen macbook. They unibody macbook that was released in Oct 2009 no longer has an IR receiver.

  • from the small print directly at the bottom of the Apple Remote page written in a really hard to see lit grey font...

    "Apple Remote with iPod and iPhone:
    Please note a Universal Dock is required in order to use the Apple Remote with your iPhone or iPod.

    Apple Remote with Mac:
    Compatible with Apple products introduced in 2005 or later that have a built-in infrared (IR) receiver.
    Not compatible with MacBook Pro with Retina display or iMac (Late 2012). "

  • I have a 17" 2010 Macbook Pro, and it has an IR port, and it works fine with all the Apple IR remotes. It's located on the front of the bottom case on the right side.

  • Every Apple product starting with the iMac G5 (iSight) except the Mac Pros, the new MacBook and the new MacBook Air has an IR receiver.

  • Most modern (2005+) Apple devices:
    MacBook Air
    MacBook Pro
    Apple TV
    iPod HiFi
    iPod Universal Dock