Will AirPort Express improve my phone's FaceTime connection?

My cell phone connectivity switches to my neighbor's while I'm trying to FaceTime which causes the FaceTime to freeze or drop. Will the Airport Express help my phone connect to my modem/router downstairs more effectively?

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2 Answers from the Community

  • I can't think of any reason why an Airport Express would improve your iPhone's FaceTime connection over another standard router ( cisco, netgear, ect.).

    If you are having issues with FaceTime connection an Airport Express would allow you to separate your 5GHz from 2.4GHz helping with interference.

  • While the Airport Express is a very powerful router, its focus is as a wireless backup for photos and other files for your technology in your home. The actual strength of your wifi signal really boils down to your service provider, and the bandwidth they can send out. Modern routers actually have power to spare when it comes to relaying a signal, the issue, especially in the United States, is that internet providers simply cannot offer effective speeds on the current lines. This is not to say it would not help, only that it is not likely. The best thing you can do is to access your iPhone's wifi settings and set to forget your neighbors network so that it will not connect automatically anymore.